What days are fundraisers available to schedule?

Fundraisers are available to schedule Mon-Thur of each week and are good from open to close. The only exception to this rule are holidays that fall on a weekday.

Are there any costs associated with setting up a fundraiser?

Pizza Hut provides a digital and print version of the fundraiser flyers directly to your organization at no expense to you.

How much does Pizza Hut donate back to our organization?

For each receipt that is redeemed with the fundraiser flyer, 20% is donated back to your organization (total excludes tax).

Which Pizza Huts participate in the fundraising program?

Please refer to our "Participating Locations” page.  

What materials are we provided to promote our fundraiser?

A print and digital version of the fundraiser flyer will be provided to your organization.  Once you receive, utilize social media and the like to get the word out!

Is the fundraiser limited to just pizza purchases?

All orders that sub-total $15 or more are counted towards the fundraiser earnings. This includes pizza, pasta, wings, sides, desserts, and drinks.  Pizza Hut gift cards, special bulk pricing orders, and liquor purchases are not included in fundraiser earnings.

Do we have to present our fundraiser flyer when paying for our order?

As long as orders are accompanied with a flyer or screen shot of flyer, they are counted towards the fundraiser earnings.

Are Pizza Hut fundraisers available to anyone?

Pizza Hut fundraisers are for the benefit of nonprofit organizations with a valid tax exempt number.

Can our organization pass out flyers at Pizza Hut to promote our fundraiser?

Organizations are not permitted to display or distribute fundraiser flyers on Pizza Hut premises (this includes the Pizza Hut parking lot).

What should our organization expect to earn?

The amount your organization earns depends on the promotion of your event, as well as your organizations commitment to participate. If your goal is to earn $200, your organization needs to bring in $1,000 in sales. If the average guest spends $20.00, approximately 50 people will need to participate in the fundraiser to reach your goal.

Does our organization have to meet a minimum sales requirement to collect the 20%?

A minimum of $400 in fundraising sales is required for the 20% earnings. For fundraisers that bring in less than this minimum, a food credit for the 20% amount will be issued. 

How soon will I know our organizations fundraiser results?

Results are communicated within 24 hours of your fundraiser event.

When should I expect our fundraiser earnings check?

Checks are received 7-10 business days from your fundraiser event.