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**Please refer to our "Participating Locations" tab before signing up your organization. We are a Franchisee of Pizza Hut and own select markets. If your Pizza Hut is not included in the participating Pizza Hut list, please call your local store to see what fundraiser opportunities they offer.**
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Please initial below to confirm you've read and agree to our Pizza Hut fundraising terms. (1) Guests must have a valid fundraiser flyer (printed/digital) in order to have their sale counted (2) Organization members cannot distribute flyers on premises of Pizza Hut restaurants (this includes the Pizza Hut parking lot). This must be communicated by the organization to all persons distributing flyers. Failure to abide by this rule will cause termination of the fundraiser (3) If your organization fails to bring in a minimum of $400 in sales, the 20% donation will be made in the form of a Pizza Hut food voucher (4) A minimum $15 purchase is required for an order to count towards the fundraiser earnings (5) Gift Card and special bulk pricing orders cannot be counted towards the fundraiser earnings (6) Any illegal or unapproved solicitation of the fundraiser flyers is not permitted (7) A minimum of 20 orders are required to schedule consecutive fundraisers.